Were You Badly Injured Driving To Work After Your Employer Forced You To Drive In Poor Conditions? Get A Lawyer

When the weather causes the road conditions to be poor and your employer has insisted you come to work, they could be liable for you on your commute. If you were injured permanently and severely while you were driving in the bad road conditions, after your employer was already aware that commuters and drivers should not be on the roads, you may be able to get compensation. You want to hire a workers comp attorney right away so you can start collecting money on the time when you're away from work, and to get money in case you aren't physically able to return to work. [Read More]

Medicinal Marijuana And Workers' Compensation: What It Means For Your Claim

With the midterm elections bringing legal marijuana to more states across the United States, it's important to understand what the use of medicinal marijuana can mean in the event of an employer drug test, or even worse, a workers' compensation injury claim. This post will break down the latest information on marijuana use and its effects on workers' compensation. Can I Be Penalized for a Positive Drug Test? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is still unclear. [Read More]

What to Know about Earning Workers' Compensation Pay

There aren't many types of insurance coverage available at no cost, but workers' compensation fits that description. Your employer foots the bill for this coverage, which pays some of your expenses when you get hurt on the job. Whether it's a sprained ankle or something more serious, the insurance will cover medical expenses and provide you with a weekly check. Read on to learn more about the pay you receive from workers' compensation insurance. [Read More]

Who Is Responsible When An Automated Vehicle Gets Into An Accident?

Who is responsible when a car with an autopilot gets into an accident?  More and more cars with automated driving systems are on the road. Tesla, in particular, has made tremendous progress in getting these vehicles onto the open market, but there are also cars out there by BMW, Nissan, Volvo, and others. And even with autopilot, accidents happen. This is what you need to know before you get behind the wheel of one of these cars. [Read More]